Local Support

Housing O2 works to support and become part of local communities by contributing  where it can.

It has stepped up as a business sponsor for Pirate Youth Sports in Englewood, Colorado where funding from Housing O2 and other businesses enabled the launch of a new youth co-ed rugby league.

Community Infrastructure Center

Housing O2 is currently participating with 90+ other communities in gaining a greater understanding of obtaining pre-development real estate funding.

Pre-development activities are particularly challenging for under resourced and underserved communities.  Without this funding, communities struggle to jumpstart local economies and attract construction funding. Predevelopment includes economic feasibility studies, site acquisition costs, architectural and engineering work and permitting - all the things that Housing O2 does.


Camp Wapiyapi

Housing O2 will be a sponsor of the Campfire and Cocktails Gala to support Camp Wapiyapi - an outdoor camp for children who have experienced pediatric cancer and their siblings.  September 22, 2022 at the Wellshire Inn, Denver, Colorado.

Campfire and Cocktails Gala

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