Capital Campaigns

Housing O2 LLC is engaged in development of workforce housing.  The development of workforce housing requires multiple resources: land, people and knowledge.   To work toward developing as many workforce housing units as possible, Housing O2 will raise capital for individual projects as well as investment funds to obtain cash, people, land and support.  Although each project is unique, common resources are needed to acheive success - affordable workforce housing that may be developed that results in success for workers, employers, communities, investors and us.

HO2 Acquisition & Entitlement Fund LLC

Housing O2 is raising money into a fund that will provide financing for a series of Housing O2 Projects - individual workforce housing development projects of 25 to 100 housing units each.

The Fund has the potential to finance land acquisition, entitlement and sale or construction financing of 5,000+ workforce housing units each year for three years.

Details of the Offering are available at on this web page:


HO2 Shadow Hills LLC

Housing O2 is raising money to acquire a property formerly known as the Shadow Hills Golf Course in Canon City, Colorado.  Housing O2 plans to develop the property through a series of projects: residential, retail with residential above, a sports complex and a combination of light industrial and/or professional facilities.  

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