Housing O2 is working to develop a series of workforce housing projects.  In addition to the current projects in Walsenburg and Canon City, Colorado, Housing O2 is in discussions with communities in different states to build out 25 to 100 new housing units per site for the 'missing middle' - low-income, full-time workers.


Canon City (Shadow Hills)

Project Activites

Housing O2 works with communities to fill their workforce housing needs.  Each project involves three primary activities:

  1. Acquire or option land
  2. Entitle land for building residences
  3. Sell land or raise funding to construct housing

Housing O2 may also improve entitled land to make finished lots and it may construct housing.

Economic Revitalization

Housing O2 provides housing needed to house the employers of local employers who are trying to recover from the COVID pandemic and growth their businesses.  The success of these businesses is vital to economic revitalization and the continued survival of rural communities.  Housing O2 develops housing projects that grow with and  contribute to the long term success of these communities.

Public Private Partnerships

Housing O2 works with local employers and governments in the design, planning, funding and development of workforce housing projects.

These projects benefit workers seeking a roof over their heads and an opportunity to build wealth.

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