Capital Campaign

Housing O2 is raising money for HO2 Shadow Hills LLC. 

HO2 Shadow Hills will acquire the property formerly known as the Shadow Hills Golf Course, arrange annexation into Canon City and launch a series of development projects: residential, retail and light industrial and/or professional facilities.  

The goal is to raise $2,500,000 with a minimum investment of $250,000.  Funding may be in the form of equity, debt financing or a combination of the two.


Housing O2 is seeking accredited investors that are interested in investing in real estate development as a safe harbor while the markets for other investments remain chaotic.

Investors may choose an investment structure that matches their preferences in duration, debt and/or equity and direct or pooled investments. Investments may be:

  • 25% equity ownership
  • 1 Year promissory note paying 20% interest
  • 2 Year promissory note paying 
  • 4 Year promissory note in pooled investments with other workforce housing developmenty projects

A summary of the investment opportunity is available below. 

Investment Summary

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